Board of Directors - Voting

From now until September 14th at midnight, Members may vote to fill two vacant Board of Directors positions.  

Please note:  Voting is restricted to members only, only one vote per stock number and you are voting for TWO members.  

Voting will end online at midnight, September 14th.  Ballots will be available at the swim club's check-in desk and will be available until the close of business September 14th.  

Annual Stockholder's Meeting will take place on Sunday, September 15th, at 6pm at the swim club.


This year's Nominees are as follows (alphabetical by last name):  

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer joined Oak Ridge Swim Club this past spring.  As a past lifeguard of ten years and a physical education teacher, Jennifer brings a vast knowledge of pools and chemicals to the table. She is excited to bring some fun activities to our members in the future.  She is available during the summer to help out with the daily needs of the pool.  


Jennifer Cavey

Jennifer has lived in the Oak Ridge area for almost two decades and has been a member of Oak Ridge Swim Club since approximately 2009.  While working full-time as an engineer, she has held many volunteer positions with the Junior League of Greensboro, Oak Ridge Elementary School, and NW Middle School.  Jennifer has vast website building/hosting knowledge and can assist Oak Ridge Swim Club with its website and communication needs.  She is looking forward to helping the Swim Club in the upcoming years.   


Chad Crawford

Chad joined Oak Ridge Swim Club in 2016.  He brings a wealth of knowledge for construction, facility upkeep, and construction budgeting.  He admits pool maintenance is not his area of expertise, but has been in the construction trade long enough to still be able to benefit our club.  He is looking forward to getting involved in our community.  


April Mirts

April has been a member of the Oak Ridge Swim Club since 2016.  As a frequent visitor to the Oak Ridge Swim Club, April grew up with a pool in her backyard and knows how to maintain water quality.  She feels that she can provide much insight to our club and the board of directors.  April is looking forward to contributing to the future improvement of our club.  

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